Tracey Thorn - Oh, The Divorces!

Who's next? 
Who's next? 
Always the ones the ones that you least expect 
They seem so strong 
It turned out she wanted more all along 
And each time I hear who's to part 
I examine my heart 
See how it stands 
Wonder if it's still in safe hands 

Who's fled? 
Who's fled? 
Who's been caught out in somebody's bed? 
I should have guessed 
That day that his phone wouldn't take your text 
He was a chamer 
I wish him bad karma 
Oh, I know we shouldn't take sides 
But that one was his fault 
This one is her fault 
No one gets off without paying the ride 
And oh, the divorces! 

And oh, oh, oh 
The honeymoon, the wedding ring 
Oh, oh oh 
The afternoon handovers by the swings 

Oh yes, oh yes 
Your song seemed to look through a different lens 
You're still so young 
Loving's just as easy as it's begun 
Now there's kids to tend 
The legal biz 
And custody 
And oh, the divorces! 

And this one is different 
And each one of course is 
And always the same 
Oh, the divorces! 

Who's next? 
Who's next?

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